Sunday, April 21, 2013

Struggling with Tantrums and Emotional Upsets?

It seems like we're all there at one point or another. I've noticed that it is more likely to occur when I'm least able to handle it.

One of my clients described his daughter falling apart and laying in the middle of the sidewalk like a starfish, sobbing and screaming.

Other clients relay situations where it is a fight to get out the door every morning. Or every time they need to get buckled up. At bath time. Or when their child needs to get dressed. Or when it is time to eat. Or when anything changes, unexpectedly or not.

I hear about these situations so often. It seems that we're all looking for sensitive ways of handling these overwhelming moments with our children. But we're not always sure how to respond with love, especially when it is overwhelming for us. Or when we've been taught that they should just "get over it."

I'm going to be hosting a f.ree call coming up on Monday, April 29 at 8:30pm eastern on this very topic. And the BEST part is that I am going to answer YOUR questions! I need your help, though. I need to know what you are struggling with when it comes to your children's tantrums and emotional upsets.

While I can't offer you a magic wand (as many of you have requested), I can offer you an alternative way of looking at what's happening with your child when things are falling apart.

Please join us for the call by signing up here.

And please submit your questions in the comments below. I'll also be pulling questions from my blog post, An Alternative View of Tantrums and Emotional Upsets from reader's comments there, but I really want to hear from YOU.

This call will be recorded, but it is always best to join us live when you can. 


mummyinthevortex said...

Hello Rebecca, thank you for your beautiful work. I'm in London, UK, and didn't manage to make the timing of the call however, I would like to share something that happened yesterday. I was on the phone supporting my sister (who is in her forties like me) as she struggled with symptoms of 'depression': feelings of deep discouragement and an inability to move forward with the day (much more to it than that!). At a certain point, and probably with awareness of your call, I thought 'You need to tantrum right now and release all this pent up, paralyzing emotion'. She was describing her physical responses to her emotions (we both use various healing modalities) and her legs were wanting to kick out. I voiced my intuitive response and she went into a tantrum while I listened lovingly in silence. We both feel so blessed to be able to re-parent ourselves after a childhood of emotional repression. I feel such appreciation for people like you, and me and my sis and everyone here, who are creating new paradigms for the human race - it really is that big, isn't it! Thank you so much. I look forward to listening back to the call and connecting further. Tatiana

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