Thursday, December 25, 2008

Your Presence for the Holidays

This time of the year, it is easy to forget what our children really need.  The focus in the outer world is still on material possessions, on what they did or didn't get, rather than on our relationships and what really matters.  This is a time to turn inward and to find inner peace, then to look into the eyes of our children and see them for who they really are- beings on their own life journey who rely upon us to learn what is appropriate in a loving and respectful way, to model what unconditional love is, and what it looks like in relationships.  

Let the lights of this season remind you of the light within each child that needs to be nurtured and respected, and the light within yourself that needs to be nurtured as well.  And the presents remind you that our children most need from us our presence.  Turn off the cell phones, the computers, the games, and spend time together.  Look into each other's eyes and remember how marvelous you all truly are.  Look for the light.  What you seek, you shall find.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Communication behind illness

My son missed his first day of school this year because he wasn't feeling well. We spent time cuddling and I took extra time to be with him, putting the computer down, and letting the housework not get done. I understood that this illness was communicating something important- that he needs more of my love and attention right now. Kids get sick when they have needs that are not being met- needs for connection. Yes, there are germs out there and illness is passed around. But children who have parents who connect with them in the way they need them to rarely get sick or hurt. Call it stress-related illness and positive, healthy relationships mediate the stress and the body's immune system's response to the invading germs. We are all exposed to the same germs, so why don't we all get sick from everything we are exposed to?

This may be a source of disagreement. But think of when you were a kid and you were sick. What did you want? What did you need from your parents or caregivers? Some of the most tender memories I have heard people share have been when the individual was sick as a child and someone took care of him or her with love.

When our children are sick, we are encouraged to give them medicine and put them to bed to rest. I suggest making them comfortable and pulling up a pillow if they'll let you. Snuggle in. If your child is very young, spend time holding your child while they sleep, if possible. Children need appropriate physical touch, comfort, unconditional love, respect, and an emotionally present adult to value them. When our children are sick, it is an opportunity to stop and do these things to connect if we haven't been doing them as much as our children need us to do them.

BUT won't that make them want to be sick all the time just to get my attention? If a child is sick, it is saying that your child needs more of your attention when they are well. Don't wait until your child is sick to spend time together. This is something that needs to happen every day. Yes, if you don't do this on a daily basis, your child may choose to communicate with you this way if you do only respond to them when sick. Your child needs you to connect with him or her in meaningful ways on a regular, daily basis. Illness is a late indicator that things are out of balance. Heed the communication and spend some long-overdue time with your child connecting in a meaningful way to reconnect in relationship and make a plan to stay connected in the future.

It is especially common this time of the year for a reason. Look at the stress levels in your own life. How much are you able to connect with your child? More than any "thing," your child really just needs you to be emotionally present. Something important to consider in our thing oriented emotionally disconnected world. We do have to make a conscious effort to turn off the outside noise (TV, cell phones, music, video games, etc.) in order to connect. It is well worth the effort.