Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day to the Father of my boys

Dear Ryan,

As I think about this Father's Day at this juncture in our lives together, I really want to celebrate the Father you are to our boys today.

Palm Harbor Auto Show 2012

Scouts Promotion 2012

Josh's first pilot lesson
Supporting Josh in the plane

View from the spoil island, camping

Beehive Adventures

Trying out the my office

Getting ready to camp on a spoil island summer 2011

NYC subway, summer 2011

Happy Birthday, Josh!

Fantasy of Flight, Nov 2011

It has never been about perfection in my eyes, but about willingness to try again when things didn't go well.
Pinewood Derby 2012

I love your adventuresome spirit and I know our boys do, too. From the time they were little, they've enjoyed being thrown up into the air, giggling with delight as you caught them.

Beehive Buddies
Homemade cardboard box smoker

As they grew older, it was camping adventures and now learning about bee hives. You bring your own curiosity to your fathering and a willingness to figure out how to make adventures  happen.

You're navigating your own way through the twists and turns of parenting and forging a relationship with your boys in a way that's different than the relationship I have with them. This is as it should be.

It isn't about perfection. It isn't about always knowing what to do, but it is in realizing when it doesn't feel right, about knowing your own story and getting to know yourself as a parent. It is about paying attention to how the relationship feels and learning to adjust your sails when necessary. And we all have moments when we realize we're pointing in a direction we didn't intend to go.

It isn't always easy. And maybe living with a "parenting expert" isn't the easiest thing, either. But I see you and I appreciate the efforts you are making. And so do our boys.

Happy Father's Day, Ryan!

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