Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Do YOU need a mom-cation? Here's how to get yours

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Marie said...

We have a 20-month-old daughter and the idea of time to myself is completely beyond my regular daily experience. And truly, for the most part, that is exactly as I choose it to be. We fully attachment parent our daughter and it is an amazing journey. But, it really does take a toll and time to recharge is absolutely important. My husband and I both feel it. So, for my husband, it is a few "music dates" with himself, to go hear a musician he admires, browse a record aisle, spend time with his piano least a couple times a month for a few hours. And for me, it used to be going to sew with the church ladies. That isn't happening over the summer, so sometimes it is painting in my studio or time to myself to sew...But I'm having a big birthday (50) coming up. So, my gift from my husband this year, at my request, is a private hula hoop lesson and a custom hoop. I'm so excited to have some time for me, to go to my lesson, enjoy this woman whom I admire and learn a fun new thing. I anticipate there will be many little hooping breaks taking place for quick recharging once I have this baby around my middle!