Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Needs vs Their Needs? Is there a better way?

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jen hume said...

I loved this, thank you for posting. I'm struggling right now with this exact issue, so this was perfect. I found especially helpful where you described how to reflect & validate the child's need while also stating the mother's.

Rebecca Thompson, M.S., MFT said...

Thanks for your comment, Jen. I know that many, many parents are struggling with this issue right now and I'm so glad to hear that it was helpful to you. We all need many examples of how to shift our relationship when it has become unbalanced, since most of us didn't have the example for what we're trying to do. Best wishes to you on your parenting journey!

Jennifer said...

This is a lesson I have had to keep reminding myself, and discussing with others frequently. It really does take more than just one parent to raise a child. We need trusted friends and loved ones there to support us, and our children! We are all much better people for it, as the parent benefits for the time spent on themselves, and others benefit in the helping be a part of an amazing child's life.

Lisa from Elmont said...

Thanks for reinforcing the idea of respecting your kids, as we expect them to respect us. This is the building block of not only the relationship you have with them now but for the rest of your lives!