Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Parenting Tools We All Can Use

Now that you’re really thinking about this idea that we’re in the middle of a paradigm shift and we’ve got a lot of shifting going on, we need some real TOOLS to help us in the midst of our daily challenges.  This is where you can dive into some of our tools for healing conversations.  Listen in as Sarah MacLaughlin discusses some great tips for toddlers and young children.  This very down to earth discussion with a social worker, author, and mom of a toddler will leave you feeling inspired with some simple ideas you can apply immediately.

Have older children?  Want some tools that you can use for yourself and your kids?  Join our conversation with Denise Schnell, mom of 3 daughters (including two teens), on Keeping it Positive.  You can learn about the One Brain technique (and a session is included as a bonus for the first 25 people who purchase the package and sign up) and some great things you can do in your own home right after you listen to the session.

Have you wanted a more in-depth understanding of emotions and emotional literacy?  Just like we want our children to be literate with reading, we also all need to be literate with the language of feelings.  Carmine Leo guides us through this process of understanding more about ourselves and our children. And don’t miss the conversation with a mom struggling with connecting with one of her children as she learns to apply the ideas of emotional literacy to her family.

Remember, these discussions and much more are available for you to listen to at NO COST for 48 hours over this coming weekend!  Click here to register!

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