Friday, January 7, 2011

Navigating the Current

I am delighted to formally announce our first ever Virtual Conference! This is a unique way to hear some incredible parenting tips and sample some of our parenting teleclasses on your own time over an entire weekend!

I’ve been blessed to connect with some of the foremost thinkers in parenting and you get to have a free listen to some of our most powerful interviews. This is information that conscious moms and dads are seeking and isn’t the same recycled parenting tidbits that you’ve heard over and over before. We’ll share wisdom that respects your role as a parent to decide what works best for you AND gives you the information you need to make an informed decision, from the best of what research is showing us about our biology (including brain science), our physiology, and our sociology.

What is a Virtual Conference? It's a conference that you’ll have access to over your computer. For 48 hours, you’ll have unlimited access to all the audios we’ve recorded for this conference. You don’t have to wait until a particular time to hear a session that sounds interesting to you. You can go in to any of the recordings at any time during the 48 hours. Isn’t that great?!

How much does it cost? It is completely FREE during the 48 hours to listen to on your computer. I want to give you access to some of the best parenting information available and it won’t cost you anything but time. (I believe it is truly an investment in your family to take this time!)

What if I want to be able to download the audios so that I can listen to them any time I want? We have a very affordable package for those of you who wish to purchase the audios. You’ll also have access to some great bonuses when you purchase the audio package. You'll also have access right away so you can start listening now.  Check it out here.

What topics are included? Our themes include play, healing, and community. From conversations about how parents can incorporate play into their families, how parents can create more balance in family life, to specific healing modalities that you probably haven’t heard about- like Birth Matrix Reimprinting- you’ll find something that you need to hear right now!

Who can participate? Moms, dads, foster parents, grandmas and grandpas, aunts, uncles, teachers, administrators, mental health professionals, doulas, midwives, and anyone else who cares about children.

How do I sign up? Just click here and enter your name and email in the box. Instructions for accessing the conference will be sent to you. Be sure to watch for a confirmation email if you haven’t registered with us previously. We can’t send you more information until you click and that could mean that you could miss it! (And that would be tragic!)

When is this Virtual Conference? The conference will be held the weekend of January 14-16 from 6pm January 14 Eastern time (New York time) until 6pm Eastern Sunday, January 16. Check here for a time zone clock. I’ve done my best to schedule this conference so that no matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to have a time that is convenient for you!

Keep watching over the next week for more information. I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite sessions so that you can use your time wisely on the topics that most resonate with what you need to hear. Until then, happy parenting!

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