Friday, November 7, 2014

When You're Feeling Disconnected From Your Child- 4 things you can do today to help

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Sofia said...

This is such a great article. It is a great reminder to make the RELATIONSHIP Connection the most important thing!!! It is so easy to forget in the heat of the moment.

Preeti Kumari said...

Parenting In non-PAS syndrome homes the parent who has been separated does not maintain control over the children but the custodial parent will do all that they can to promote a healthy feeling towards the other parent and to be truthful and to encourage the child or children to enjoy the company of the other parent.

Sherlock said...

Hi, Great article!

I think this infographic will greatly compliment your article.

This discusses how modern parenting can hinder brain development. Enjoy!

Liem Nguyen said...

Thanks for sharing these 4 tips. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that having a child is a blessing. Understanding this and being grateful will make us more connected to our child.

Liem from