Friday, August 3, 2012

Compassion for early feeding choices

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Natamom said...

I never though about this! my little girl was forced at my breast by 4 nurses intermediately after birth, they wanted her to drink some colostrum as soon as possible because I had gestational diabetes, they pushed her head against my breast, pulled her out squeezed my nipples pushed her again...nothing was done gently. I have been exclusively pumping since then and yesterday my little girl surprised me by fussing so much while I was pumping,pulling the tubes, I finally stopped to see what she wanted, she wanted my breast and she drank from both. I am not sure how to proceed after this, will she be taking my breast now? after 7 months? I am super emotional about it, crying as I write this. I wanted to breast feed since I was a little girl also. I never thought it would be like this, every month I feel at the edge of giving up and somehow I make it pumping for another month. I encountered many obstacles like no support from family (except from my husband),baby reflux, dairy products sensitivities, pumping in an airplane and airports, putting up with looks from people when pumping in public, judgment from lactation consultants and other therapist, not being able to pump when I need to, and my latest obstacle a baby who does not let me pump. I know that if I make it to a year of pumping breast milk for her I will feel like I climbed the Everest and I provided her with the nutrition it was meant for her, so I keep on going even if the process is so painful and emotional for me.

Rebecca Thompson, M.S., MFT said...

I am so glad that you shared your story. It sounds like you've had a really challenging road and you've really stuck with feeding your baby your own breastmilk even though she wasn't nursing, even though you felt like giving up. You go, mama!!
Have you told your little girl the story of when she was a baby? You might consider sharing that story with her and creating the space for her to show what happened and how she felt about it.

I'd love to hear how you're doing now and as you continue your journey.

Best wishes, mama!