Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sleep, sweet sleep! $10 off series (through Sunday midnight eastern ONLY)

Did you know that the way you sleep (or not) is part of you SHOWING your early stories? And that when you take the time to integrate your daily life, as well as specific things that have happened to you, that you'll sleep better? And so will your children (beginning at birth!). 

I'm so delighted to offer $10 off this very special program that gives parents another way of looking at sleep issues. Rather than resorting to cry-it-out or wait-until-they-outgrow it, Ray and Mary offer something different altogether that respects everyone's needs. This series follows a real family through their journey to help their daughter (and themselves) sleep better and create a new understanding of each member of their family. We know you'll learn a lot listening to their journey, as many other parents have already.

I've been so intrigued by what I've seen and experienced with the work of Ray Castellino and Mary Jackson (of and BEBA (Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment) in Santa Barbara, CA. I've learned so much about myself and my own early patterns, and have wished I had known this information when my babies were little.

You see, I had a baby who wouldn't sleep. Who struggled to nurse. Who was colicky and fussy. It never occurred to me that the way we went through our pregnancy together and the way his birth happened had anything to do with his behavior as a newborn, a baby, a toddler, and into his later years and particularly how he slept. We muddled our way through and eventually he started sleeping better. (And now that he's 13, I have a hard time getting him to wake up before noon.) But I wonder how different it could have been if I'd had some additional understanding and tools to help us!

Ray Castellino and Mary Jackson explore a real-life sleep challenge with Beth and Scott and 2 year-old Beata. Listen in as they learn how to help her sleep and understand why she isn't sleeping well in the first place. This weekend ONLY, get $10 off this one-of-a-kind series. (Full series includes the recording of the teleseminar with Ray Castellino, 3 recordings with Beth and Scott, transcripts of those audios, and the recording on Story Sharing as well. Normally priced at $50, the series is available this weekend only for $40!)

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