Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book Club starts tomorrow!!

The Consciously Parenting Book Club Starts Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow, we'll be delving into the world of Navigating by Inner Guidance and What (on earth) are your child's behaviors communicating?! 

"Inner guidance doesn't have formulaic solutions, but always comes back to connecting with your children in the relationship, holding the importance of everyone's needs whenever possible."

We'll be looking at what it means to parent by inner guidance and we'll look at some tools and some science to help us shift our understanding of our own behaviors and the behaviors of our children. If you're familiar with my Brain Stoplight, we'll be looking to see how it applies to our parenting, along with understanding the concepts of regulation and dysregulation. We'll explore some real life questions and help you apply the ideas to your own life!

If you'd like to see a real life application of these ideas, check out last week's blog, Reconnection, Not Perfection

Book Club FAQs
Do I need to have the book to participate?
No! You can join in the calls and you'll get a sense of what the book is about. It is a great opportunity to ask your questions if you've been reading the book, though. Remember, you can get the first three chapters right now at no cost!

I can't make the live calls. Can I still play?

The calls will be recorded live at 10:30am eastern on Wednesdays. If you're unable to join the live call, we'll have the calls available for replay the following weekend. Just sign up for the Book Club and everything you need will be sent to you.

I like being able to listen to calls like this at my own convenience and to listen to them again later. What can I do?

The calls will be available for purchase so you can explore the ideas at your own pace, or explore the ideas again next year or as your children grow. You can purchase them while the series is being recorded at a discount here.

I'd like to purchase the book. Where can I get it?

The book is only available right now through the Consciously Parenting Project's website as a PFD or a downloadable mp3 audio book. Now is a great time to buy the book because we're having an early bird special! Eventually, the book will be available as a printed book, CDs, and in other e-book formats, but we're still working on those.

Do I have to join the Facebook group to participate in the Book Club?
No! You can just listen in on the live call or to the recordings. The Facebook group is intended to be a place to ask questions and continue the discussion with other parents who are exploring the ideas of the book. It is a private group, meaning only those who join the group can read the posts and join in the discussion. Join here. 

The call will be recorded in case you miss it. And do let me know if you have questions for the call by posting on my blog comments or adding questions to the Facebook group. Hope to *see* you tomorrow!


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