Friday, October 21, 2011

Connecting When You Don't Have a Magic Wand

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Anonymous said...

I loved this post so much - really touched me. Thank you for sharing it. I hope you don't mind but I've added it to my weekly links post on my blog today:

Rebecca Thompson, M.S., MFT said...

Thank you,, for sharing! Wonderful work that you're doing, as well! <3 Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Thank you :)

Annie said...

Hi, I looked at the link, and it sounds almost as if the stories are focusing on things that happened pre-memory. Since money is tight and I don't want to experiment with it, do you think this would be valuable for an adopted child who remembers the trauma in her previous life?

Rebecca Thompson, M.S., MFT said...

Hi Annie,
Great question! How old is your child? I'd recommend this audio (or transcript) for children (and adults) of any age who are working to either create more connection or to heal from something overwhelming that happened to them earlier in their life (or just happened, really). It is a great tool for life, in my opinion. I've been using what they suggest in my practice with all my clients (from littlest ones to adults) and am loving the results.

The audio talks about the things that happen to us "pre-memory" because this is something most of us don't think about or understand that a very young child can work through. It is very applicable to just about every situation I can think of.

However, if you purchase it and find it just isn't helpful, I'm happy to fully refund your money. But I believe you'll find it enriching for your family's healing journey, especially when the trauma is remembered. This is about creating the safe space to process what she remembers in a way that allows integration to happen for everyone.

I'm happy to answer any of your questions personally.

Thanks for asking, Annie!


Motherfunker said...

Hi just stumbled upon this beautiful piece. It resonated really strongly with me, and I actually wrote something similar (ish) for Juno magazine ( natural parenting mag in the uk) in their current issue. Connecting with where you are all really at is a very powerful thing. And being flexible enough to reject methods that don't work because your children and you seem to actually need something else at that moment. Will be following your blog from now on :-)

Rebecca Thompson, M.S., MFT said...

Hi Motherfunker! So glad that you found me! I just stumbled upon Juno a few weeks ago. Great publication! Would love to read your article. Can you send me a link to it?