Thursday, September 2, 2010

30 Day Challenge, Day 2: Defining the Rules

I figure if I'm going to have a 30 day challenge, I should define the rules.  After all, it feels like cheating if I'm doing something that just needs to be done.  But if it is a task that needs to be done and I can come up with a creative way to nurture myself while doing it, it counts. 

If you're playing along on the home game, you can use my rules or make up your own.  Make it fun and meaningful to you!

When something is nourishing, it feeds my body, mind, spirit.  It doesn't hurt me or anyone else.  When I finish with this nourishment, I feel good.  For me, this doesn't mean gorging on sweet, salty or fatty foods (comfort foods).  This isn't actually nourishing for me because I only feel better temporarily and then I actually feel worse.  So, for me, nourishing myself would include juicing.  This takes time and effort, but I always feel really good after I drink my juice.  It might include making myself a beautiful salad (rather than just lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes like I usually do). 

Surrounding myself with beauty also nurtures me.  This might mean buying myself flowers- something I normally don't do.  Or going outside for a nice walk.  Or maybe doing something crafty or creative.

I know that surrounding myself with like-minded friends nurtures me.  This is something that I do on a somewhat regular basis, but I will probably make more of an effort to do that this month.  If I can manage to get to the beach AND see some friends, I think that would be like a doubly nurturing event.  :-)

Do you have any other rules or are you just going free form?  I'd love to hear if you're joining me and what you end up doing.  I'd also love to hear how it is for you to do this!

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Lianne said...

I like it :) coming to visit me would be nourishing for both of us! I like efficiency ;)