Sunday, October 26, 2008

A comforting ritual

This past week, I had a friend visit from Australia.  On the first day, she asked about making some tea.  I have a teapot that I occasionally use, so I dusted it off, dug out my tea cups, and found my tea bags for her to use.  Every day, several times a day while she was visiting, she would go into the kitchen and make some tea, always offering to make me or my boys some tea as well.  So, I started joining in on her ritual.  Each morning before breakfast, in the afternoon, and before bed, she would go through this ritual.  I thought it was a wonderful way to nurture oneself and just take a few moments to pause in the day.  As Americans, we are constantly on the move and rarely do we stop to indulge in taking time like this on a regular basis.  I know that this is not something I had really ever seen anyone do on a regularly like this and I soon found myself looking forward to this time.

The week ended and she went on with her journey.  And I found myself thinking about tea.  But mostly about taking that time for me that goes along with having that cup of tea.  This evening I went into the kitchen, found the teapot and all that goes with it and took some time for myself.  Such a simple thing, but such a powerful message to myself.  I have value and I'm worth taking that time for me.  

Do you have any rituals that bring you comfort like this?  Do you have a cup of tea, or do something else on a regular basis to nurture yourself?  To slow down and just breathe in the moment?  I'd love to hear how others are nurturing themselves through rituals.  Did your parents or grandparents have anything like this that they passed along to you?

I'm off now to drink my tea.  Cheers!


Heather said...

I used to work in a residential treatment home for adults with disabilities and one lady who worked their was from Japan. After feeding everyone supper, we'd all have tea together. It was a nice time to feel as if work collegues and clients were family. This lady from Japan was so calming and I do miss this "tea" time. I visited a different lady in England 10 years ago and we did the same thing. No need for starbucks, tim hortons ...etc. It didn't feel as if there was a need for the was more about company. Good idea.
Heather in Canada

FaerieMama said...

Hi Rebecca, I'm so glad to have found your blog. I wondered if you'd consider adding the "follower" box to your page, as I tried to add you in my rss feed with no luck. I'd love to be able to add you to my daily reading!